Regiopolis College

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Regiopolis College before its conversion into a hospital. St. Joseph Region Archives of the Religious Hospitallers of St. Joseph, Kingston HDHK-675.
Regiopolis CollegePinterest
Hotel Dieu on Sydenham Street. Source: photo by Jennifer McKendry.

Bishop Alexander Macdonell laid the cornerstone for Regiopolis, originally meant to be a seminary to train priests, in June 1839. This stone building was very large in height and width and indicative of the important role of Catholicism in Canada. In the city’s architectural history, it is also significant for its early use of giant order Tuscan pilasters distinguishing the centre portion. In 1850, priests were also teachers with around 100 students but this function ceased in 1869. In 1892, renovations were made to accommodate its use as a Catholic hospital, including a new entrance on Sydenham Street.