Newcourt House

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Newcourt House & root cellar (on left) when in use as an asylum, c1900. Source: Ontario Archives.
Newcourt HousePinterest
Newcourt, St Lawrence College, 799 King St W. at Country Club Drive. Source: photograph by Jennifer McKendry.

During the First Capital, the Honorable Hamilton H. Killaly, an executive councilor and assembly member, built this stuccoed stone house and worked a 22-acre farm on the western outskirts of Portsmouth Village. But with the loss of Kingston as capital in 1844, he sold his "roomy cottage” with its hot and cold water baths and servants’ rooms to Kingston merchant William Wilson. A fine Regency cottage, Newcourt has a generous verandah, from which to enjoy the lake breezes. It was purchased as a farm in 1887 by Rockwood Insane Asylum. Patients helped build the still surviving brick root cellar in 1892. St Lawrence College acquired the property in 1967.