Morton's Brewery Rebuilt

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This image contains a small portion of the map of the downtown area of Kingston, Ontario, created in 1865 by John C. Innes, City Engineer. Underneath, it also contains a semi-transparent version of the current topographic basemap, to provide some reference between what existed in the past, versus what exists today. To view the entire map, visit the City of Kingston's historical maps [link:}. Source: City of Kingston.

In 1840, the Morton Brewery and Distillery reopened and included the buildings that now form the base of the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning and the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts. The building that is now the Tett Centre was the main distilling and brewery area and the Stella Buck building was incorporated into the Isabel. The property also included a large wharf, several warehouses and a large stable.

An article in the British Whig, Friday, March 1, 1844 entitled "Mr. Morton's Mammoth Brewery" gives us a very clear idea of the site and its workings.

"Having lately paid a visit to the most extensive establishment, the largest on the continent of America, we have been induced to favour the public with a slight description of Mr. Morton's property... He at present has completed a new distillery capable of consuming 50 bushels of grain daily... there are 32 immense fermentation tanks of 3,000 gallons each... The brewery is capable of producing 100 barrels of beer weekly."

The article continues with descriptions of the buildings and its various products -- including baking soda.