Macdonald Gives Kingston a Dry Dock

Kingston Dry Dock. Source: Marine Museum Kingston.Pinterest
Kingston Dry Dock. Source: Marine Museum Kingston.

In what will be his final election campaign, Sir John A. gives Kingston the gift of a new dry dock. Mixing business, scandal and politics, his team arranges for a fictious contractor, Andrew C. Bancroft, to submit a lowball bid. After winning the contract, "Bancroft" partners with two Conservative real-life cronies who push up the costs. Soon after Sir John A.'s 1891 election victory, a committee of Parliament gets wind of the scam. Historican Ged Martin goes so far as to surmise that "it is likely worry about the developing scandal that caused Macdonald's death on June 6 of that year." Following Sir John A.'s death in June, the dry dock investigation is quietly shelved.