Lord Durham's Report on the Affairs of British North America

Lord Durham's Report on the Affairs of British North AmericaPinterest
"Portrait of Lord Durham" Artist unknown but thought to be James Stewart. Source: Library and Archives Canada.

John George Lambton, 1st Earl of Durham, arrived in the Canadas in 1838 to investigate, on behalf of Britain, the causes of the rebellions. His report was controversial, culturally chauvanistic and incredibly progressive. More commonly known as the Durham Report, the Report on the Affairs of British North America, recommended the union of all Canadian colonies into a single colony where the bulk of the political power would be in the hands of a responsible government. In part, Durham proposed the union to encourage the assimilation of French Canadians into English Canada. In the report, Durham refers to French Canadians as "a people with no literature and no history." While his recommendations for a united colony that would include Nova Scotia and New Brunswick would not be achieved for another three decades, Upper and Lower Canada became the unified Province of Canada in 1841.