Harriet Dobbs Cartwright on the Governor General, Lord Sydenham

Harriet Dobbs Cartwright on the Governor General, Lord SydenhamPinterest
St. George's Cathedral, Kingston circa 1929 by Clifford M. Johnston. Source: Library and Archives Canada.

On Sunday May 30, 1841, two days after moving to Kingston, Lord Sydenham attended the service at St. George's Anglican Church where the sermon was given by Robert Cartwright, then the assistant minister. Harriet Dobbs Cartwright, Robert's wife, described the visit in a letter to her parents:

"[I]t certainly was a sermon of so plain and searching a character, and delivered with so much of solemn earnestness, that is was well calculated to leave the impression, that the minister who delivered it was one who would never condescend to modify or conceal the truth or dress it up to suit fastidious ears. Whether it was the sermon or the manner he disliked, I know not, but he said he would never enter the Kingston church again and he has kept his word."

She added later that she believed Sydenham would leave Kingston in September and that "the turn of affairs will bring men to the helm of more principle and integrity."