Cataraqui Cemetary

Cataraqui CemetaryPinterest
Cataraqui Cemetery plan of 1853 and photograph of the lodge in the 1880s. Source: Queen’s University Archives, plan by Frederick Cornell (touched up to show main avenues) and photo by Henry Henderson.
Cataraqui CemetaryPinterest
Lodge, 927 Purdy Mills Road. Source: photo by Jennifer McKendry.

By 1850, the year Cataraqui Cemetery was incorporated, the city’s graveyards were filled, and a new site for a “garden” or “rural” cemetery, well removed from the downtown, was needed.  Seventy acres were acquired on the outskirts of Cataraqui Village. Frederick Cornell, influenced by the latest ideas on reform cemeteries, designed the site including ponds and curving avenues and paths. James Stewart designed in 1853 a board-and-batten entrance lodge in Gothic Revival style, likely influenced by A.J Downing’s publications on architecture. Here was the final resting place for the city’s dead in a picturesque, non-denominational, park-like setting unlike the small intramural graveyards in the city proper.